October 10, 2018

Simple Guide for DJ Uplighting for Weddings

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Uplighting can bring warmth to your wedding receptions when string lights or candles aren’t enough to jazz up the entire room. Uplighting consists of LED lights that are strategically positioned by the DJ on the floor, and point up – hitting the wall and sometimes ceiling depending on the look you are going for.  Some people overdo this type of lighting, however, so here are a few things to do and avoid doing to ensure a tasteful, elegant, and classy ceremony, cocktail hour, and especially reception!

Do: Focus on important areas in the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception first

Important areas would include the cake table, dance floor, blank walls that look bland, and any floral displays that you’d like to add a pop to. You may also want lighting on your reception tables, so be sure to speak to your coordinator about choosing the right options for each area – usually DJs provide uplighting to make the dance floor and reception area pop.

Don’t: Choose the wrong color gel to go over the light

For the most flattering uplighting, choose colors that go with the overall theme of your wedding. While other popular uplighting hues include red, blue, and magenta, these are best reserved for your dance floor or after-party. Remember – your venue will be accented with the color(s) you choose so if you decide on purple, your all-white centerpieces will have violet hues. If you are looking for more of a warm, romantic glow go with an amber hue – the most universally-flattering color you could possibly choose.

Do: Know that accent lighting can transform a dull look

A few well-placed uplights can change a room from drab to fab in an instant. Take a wedding at a community center, for example! These are often somewhat drab venues and overhead lights are too bright. You’d either have to use lots of candles or a use a combination of candles and uplighting to bring lovely, glowing hues, which can be instantly changed throughout the reception by the DJ.

Don’t: Underlight the space

If the venue is extensive or the guest list is large, be sure to have enough lighting. In situations like these, a little won’t go a long way. If you want your guests to see all of the details you spent so much time preparing, you need to ensure they’re visible.

Do: Hire a DJ that uses LEDs

There are several types of products DJs can use for uplighting, but the safest are by far LEDs. LED uplights are able to produce a lot of light while generating little heat and offer a number of variations when it comes to colors. Par can uplights are less popular because they get EXTREMELY hot and can cause fires and excess heat in the venue. LEDs are available in wired and wireless formats so contact your DJ for further details.

Don’t: Use LEDs outside if they’re not waterproof

Professionals won’t typically do this, but if you are doing the LED uplights your self then make sure they are waterproof – especially if rain or snow is in the forecast.

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    Richard Stack, 4/27/2019
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Let us help you find your perfect wedding venue with this fun quiz!

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