When it comes to wedding deejays, most of the work comes with preparation, loading equipment, and emceeing. Nobody really talks about what a dj is thinking when he or she is staring at a room full of people. You’ve probably heard the term “read the crowd” and that’s exactly what every wedding dj should do. The problem is, some deejays don’t always know how to do it – and that is where hiring an experienced deejay comes into play.

What skills to look for when hiring a wedding dj

You’ll see dj companies advertise their gear, lighting, photo booths, and even dry ice machines, but you rarely see companies advertising how well their deejays can “read a crowd” or rock a party. Let’s face it, mostly anyone nowadays can buy gear and call themselves a “dj;” whether or not they can create a fun atmosphere is the real question.

One of the most important questions when hiring a dj should be, “is this is a career or a hobby for you?” If you are hiring a multi-operational company with numerous deejays, be sure to save yourself time and money by asking your dj this question. Most of these deejays are “employee deejays” that have other jobs and other interests. I’ve personally been doing this for the last 20 years full-time with virtually no other income. I not only have a passion for it, but I’ve honed my skills down to where I am confident to rock any type of event. You don’t want to hire someone who will make your party awkward!

How can a DJ help make your wedding even more memorable?

Understanding tempo, instruments, and knowing your music is key as a dj. I know that if I start mixing in my next song when the chorus to a popular song isn’t over yet, I might lose everyone’s interest. I also know that certain songs should never be mixed together in certain orders. For instance, mixing “24k” by Bruno Mars, with “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-lot wouldn’t work because the bpm (Beats Per Minute) is too drastic of a change. It’s not “mixable”. As a former club dj, I could definitely make this combination work if I had to, but it would have to be creative. In this situation, I might use an echo effect to get out of “24k” and perform a creative scratch to bring in “Baby Got Back” for some flare.

Hiring the right DJ

Every second and every minute counts when you are deejaying to a crowd of people. If the dj isn’t having fun, that will reflect on the performance and your guests will probably notice that as well. An experienced dj that isn’t bogged down on how to “read a crowd” will have your guests dancing and having the time of their lives all night. Don’t cut corners on hiring the right dj for your wedding or you may regret it for a very long time. To take a look my professional DJ packages, please visit this page.


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