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Can you emcee our event too?
Yes, and we are quite polished on the microphone. Don’t embarrass your family and guests with a DJ who asks the venue staff to make announcements or worse yet, one of your family members!
What kind of music do you guys spin?
We play to the crowd. DJing is easy, but reading an audience takes a lifetime to master and we’ve been practicing for a LOOOONG TIME!
Will we be able to make a custom playlist?
It wouldn’t be your event if you didn’t hear music you absolutely had to hear 🙂 YES OF COURSE!
How much do you charge?
Because every event has it's own needs, the best way to get a quote is to virtually meet with us to see what the investment will be. 
Are you insured?
Yes, we have full liability and we provide proof to your venue when needed.
What happens if you get sick?
We will send one of our equally qualified backup DJs. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands.
Do you take requests?
If we are rocking your dance floor and uncle Rick comes up yelling FREEEE BIIIIIRRRD!!! LOL, we may have to turn that one down for the time being but will definitely try to fit it in later. After all, uncle Rick deserves to feel free.
What will you wear to our event?
Our favorite DJ onesies. Just kidding. We dress professionally because we are there to host you, your families and your guests.
What kind of equipment do you use?
Professional grade equipment is a must for events! So yeah, really dope gear!
Do you play clean versions of songs?
This isn’t a wrestling match. This is your event. Clean versions unless you are feeling risky near the end of the night when grandma is gone ;).

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